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Why Home Helpers

This is a business that revolves around the people.

Broadly speaking, our services fall into two categories. These are Home Care services and Supported Living.

Home Care – This is where a carer comes into a home to help with practical and personal tasks which include such things as:
• Washing, bathing, shaving and oral hygiene
• Dressing and undressing
• Nail care, hair care, foot care
• Support with medication
• Preparing nutritionally balanced diets in line with individual values, beliefs and culture
• Support with individual programmes of rehabilitation
• Household tasks including shopping, housework and laundry
• Care of pets

Supported Living – This enables people with physical disabilities or learning difficulties to take control of their own lives. It provides extra support to enable people to live in their chosen location and community and to access the facilities around them. The level of support provided is personalised to the individual’s needs and can include such things as:
• Visiting a day centre
• Going to the local shops or cinema
• Helping to look after a pet
• Keep in touch with friends and social contacts

In the areas that we work in we are renowned for the quality of the care that we provide. All care companies should aim to deliver good quality care – we aim to deliver excellent quality care! Our care philosophy treats each of our clients as an individual and ensures that we look after their particular needs. Every one of our clients has a care package designed to meet their individual needs and all of our clients contracts are highly personalised.


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